What to Expect

The Sunday worship experience begins at 10:00 a.m. with announcements shared and lasts about an hour.

There is no specific dress code, and you will find a wide variety of clothing styles. The chiming of the Trinity leads us into a traditional worship service centered upon the Word of God complemented by a variety of music, congregational involvement through prayer and readings, and an opportunity to give an offering, as you feel led.

A short time with children takes place at the front of the church, followed by a transition to Children's Church. Participation in Children's Church is not required.

The worship experience culminates with a message from the pastor that connects Scripture to our daily life. Following the message is an opportunity to respond to a call to begin or deepen your walk with Jesus Christ. At the close of the service, the pastor greets all as they depart the sanctuary.

Nashville Baptist hosts activities other than the Sunday morning worship experience. This experience, hopefully, will become a sacred routine for a new and more purposeful life each week.

All worship experiences are available online through our website at www.nashvillebaptistchurch.org.

We hope this will encourage you to be our guest for a Sunday worship experience and get acquainted with Nashville Baptist Church. We welcome you to reach out to us with any questions you may have. Our office phone number is (252) 459-3403 or by email at admin@nashvillebaptistchurch.org.